The Services Offered By an Orthodontist

One of the commonest and most embarrassing dental anomalies is crooked teeth. When a person has misaligned or crooked teeth, they will shy away from talking in public. They will also have problems eating because the bite is normally affected. However, if the problem is caught early enough, it is possible to correct. Crooked teeth are just one of the problems that an Orthodontist deals with. Here is a detailed description of the other anomalies that an orthodontist offers.

Braces and Invisalign for Misaligned Teeth

Ideally, teeth that are misaligned should be straightened out in the early years of a person’s life. This is because when the teeth are young, they are easy to form and move to the desired position. When getting braces, an orthodontist will get the three components of the braces. These are the brackets, the archwires and the bands.

The orthodontist will clean your teeth thoroughly. They will then attach the brackets on top of the teeth. The brackets are fixed to the tooth by making use of dental cement. When the brackets are in place, the archwires are attached and connected with the bands. Every few months, the dentist will call you in for a checkup where they will tighten the wired. This continues until the teeth get into the ideal position that the orthodontist wants them to be in.


Age, poor dental hygiene and trauma to the face can lead to complete loss of more than one tooth. When this happens, you may opt to get artificial teeth, or dentures to fill in the gaps. These dentures are normally made after the orthodontist has made an impression of your teeth. The lab makes dentures that can only fit your mouth. The dentures are then fit to ascertain that they are a good fit and that they will not hurt your gums. The orthodontist will also teach you about the techniques that you are supposed to use in cleaning the dentures and generally improving the teeth.
Now that you know about different services offered by an orthodentist, your challenge is probably getting the best service provider. Here are tips to help you in getting an orthodontist.


There are many backdoor orthodontists today. It is often good to ensure that the person you hire for dental services are qualified and have the necessary credentials. The license, degree, and certifications are a good way of gauging the quality of services offered. An orthodontist expert will be capable of performing all the procedures associated with your problem with a lot of ease and expertise.  The complexity of the procedures require skills and knowledge, hence, you must never take chances while hiring.


Orthodontist treatment options vary; you must be able to find out if the treatment you require is available. Orthodentist offer options such as preventive, interceptive as well as comprehensive treatment. Once you have all the options provided, then you can easily select the one that best suits you.


As mentioned earlier, this is a complex procedure that normally requires the latest equipment and technology to be successful; you must always ensure that the clinic is equipped with modern equipment. Since the field is subject to lots of changes, it is crucial for the clinic to go with the changing trends.


There are a different clinic in orthodontist.  Some may be Children’s Orthodontist while some are Invisalign Orthodontist.  You should, therefore, be familiar with the specifications. Similarly, consider other social factors such as the distance and the access from your home.  You can also check the clinic online to see what other people have to say regarding their services. These may appear as minor factors but will still determine the quality of service you receive.

Having understood the services offered by an orthodontist and tips on how to choose the best, you can now afford to smile all the way.

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